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Save the Planet...Drive 55

Want an easy, pain-free, wallet-happy way to cut your carbon footprint by 20-50%? Drive 55 miles per hour. Imagine the impact it would have if we ALL IMMEDIATELY drove 55 or lower! 20% less gasoline consumed, 20% less carbon emitted IMMEDIATELY. I can't think of any other step that could have that much impact right away and at no cost to us. And there's a precedent for this. Apparently back in the 1970s America banded together to DRIVE 55 during the oil crisis.

When I changed my driving habits to regularly observe 55 MPH (down from my previous 65 - 70) I immediately saw results. I used to get 300 miles to a tank, I now get a little over 360. If you drive faster than I did, you might get savings that are even higher!

Why does it work? Apparently most cars run most efficiently at speeds below 55MPH. The Department of Energy estimates that for every 5 miles over 60MPH you essentially pay $0.20 more at the gas pump per gallon. So here's my pitch for today...DRIVE 55 and help save the planet. For bumper stickers that essentially say just that go to: http://www.drive55.org/

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