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SoCal made Goat's Cheese that ROCKS: Soledad Goats (Mojave, CA)


I've often wondered why no one in CA was making goat or sheep cheese (given our climate.) I personally prefer goat and sheep cheese to cow's cheese and was SO excited to find Soledad Goats at my local farmer's market (Shermans Oaks at the Fashion Square Tuesday afternoons.)

I'm currently eating their herbed feta cheese over a Greek salad...it's AMAZING. So subtle and creamy and I could eat it straight off a spoon. And their Brazen Billy is the perfect cheese with a cracker or sprouted tortilla. It's a cheddar like cheese and has just the SLIGHTEST tang...oh yeah, and it's RAW...yay! I love raw food. Try it for yourself. It's also well priced at about $6 for a pint or wedge of cheese.

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