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Cassava root cheese?  Apparently!  Vegan Pizza Party tonight in Woodland Hills at Zpizza.  More info: http://green-and-greener.blogspot.com/




Announcing a new Meetup for SFV Environment & Animal Lovers' Singles Meetup Group!

What: Vegan Pizza Party

When: September 26, 2009 6:30 PM

20040 1/2 Ventura Boulevard
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

While I have been vegan for close to a quarter of a century and I deeply believe in this life life I've chosen, one thing I have found greatly lacking is REAL 'CHEESE' PIZZA THAT IS VEGAN - well, the time's they are a changin' - REAL 'CHEESE PIZZA' THAT IS VEGAN IS HERE - (although, yes, it should be noted that the original pizzas in Italy did not have cheese anyway!) - well, after about a quarter of a century of doing without what I would consider a real 'cheese' pizza like I was accustomed to as a child, I am thrilled that 'cheese' pizza is now available vegan in Woodland Hills - ZPizza at 20040 1/2 Ventura Boulevard - at the Natural Products Expo last March, I was very excited when I tried a new vegan cheese from Canada - Daiya - not even made from soy but rather from cassava root - that was the first vegan cheese I've had that really did it for me - the pizza they made with it was like real cheese pizza - it pulled, goo'ed, and oozed like on a real cheese pizza - ZPizza is now, just as of Thursday according to a voice message I received from the manager on Wednesday evening, offering this cheese as an option on their pizzas - ZPizza also already offers a wholewheat crust option, (as well as a gluten-free crust option), and they feature a certified organic pizza sauce - I thank the manager of this pizza parlor for offering such options - I would like to thank ZPizza for such offering, and I would like to show them that they will get business for such options - thus, I am planning my first PIZZA PARTY, and YOU'RE INVITED - please try to meet me at ZPizza at 20040 1/2 Ventura Boulevard on the 16th at 8:30pm - whether you can or can't make it then, please do also try to get over there on your own, and tell others, to try the amazing Daiya cheese and to thank them for carrying it! - feel free to tell them that Andy Mars sent you, as I promised them I'd try to spread the word around the community and, afterall, I've been actively encouraging them to carry the Daiya -

Learn more here:

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